Connect Your Brand to Millions of Vegan Consumers

Welcome to an exciting partnership opportunity with Vegan Bowls, where your brand can connect with over 3 million vegan enthusiasts and health-conscious consumers.

At Vegan Bowls, we specialize in sharing engaging content that resonates with a passionate audience dedicated to vegan living and wholesome diets.

Our collaboration offers can put your products in the spotlight, imntegrtaing them in plant-based recipes shared across our versatile platforms: our popular app, engaging Instagram presence, and our widely-read "Recipes of the Week" newsletter, reaching 150,000+ subscribers every week.

Frequently Asked Questions

About the audience

The average post reaches 100k - 270k people

The majority of the followers are from North America, with the UK, Australia and Europe having smaller presences.

No, while the content we post is always Vegan, through audience surveys, about 25% of the audience consider themselves vegan.

About content amplification

Our team have over 6 years experience nurturing this audience, and are highly skilled in marketing copy. We will gather your content, and your core copy, and tailer it to receive the maximum impact from the post and story.

We send a weekly newsletter featuring 7 recipes of the week, your content will be included as one of these recipes, along with a brief introduction to your brand, and links to your website and social media.

Not particularly, however the content must be of food and not just your product(s).