October 05, 2020 2 min read


Level up your tofu game, make it juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside! Your nourish bowls will be even more delicious with a crispy tofu topping like this! Make sure to drain your tofu well beforehand for an extra crispy exterior. 

    • Tamari, 3 tbsp (or soy sauce)
    • Ginger, 1 cm (grated)
    • Garlic Cloves, 1 (grated)
    • Maple Syrup, 1 tbsp 
    • Black Rice, 100 g (uncooked)
    • Vegan Vegetable Stock, 1/2 cube
    • Extra Firm Tofu, 280 g
    • Corn Flour, 3 tbsp
    • Cashew Nuts, a handful (toasted)
    • Spring Onions, 4 (sliced)
    • Sweet pepper, 1 (sliced)
    • Cucumber, 1/3 (cubed)
  1. Cook rice according to packet instructions, add the stock cube into water whilst cooking. Once cooked drain and set to one side.

  2. Drain and slice tofu into bite size pieces, then using kitchen roll dab off as much liquid as possible.

  3. In a shallow bowl add the tamari/soya sauce, maple syrup, ginger and garlic - stir together and then mix in the tofu- make sure the tofu pieces are covered. Set to one side and leave to marinate as long as possible.

  4. Drain the excess marinade into a small pot, then add 3 heaped tablespoons of cornflour to the bowl with the tofu in it and coat the tofu in the cornflour.

  5. In a dry frying pan gently toast the cashew nuts for a few minutes, remove and set to one-side. 

  6. Add a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil to a medium pan and bring to a medium high heat and then add the tofu. Cook each side of the tofu for a few minutes until it’s golden and lightly crisp.

  7. To serve, divide the rice between the bowls then add vegetables and tofu, scatter over the cashew nuts and drizzle the remaining marinade over the bowl.


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