February 22, 2021 3 min read


Hi, I’m Dr Richa from @deliciously.earthy! It’s so lovely to have you here! My background has always been in healthcare, as I absolutely love helping people live healthier, happier lives.

I’m so happy to be inspiring people to create nourishing recipes, and to show how fun & delicious rainbow, plant-based foods are! For me, gorgeous, delicious food keeps me positive and feeling good, both physically and mentally.

I’ve always admired those who can bake all these incredible cakes so seamlessly! Most often, I’ve found baking a faff as there always seems to be so much room for error! But there’s no denying that nothing smells better than a fresh bake in the oven. So, with that said - in this article I’ve created some fool-proof easy vegan baking recipes! These are super easy bakes, so we don’t have to miss out on the baking fun and deliciousness!

Be sure you tag me when you recreate any of these — I can’t wait to see!


1. Chocolate Orange Loaf Cake


I’m not even joking when I say this is likely to be the best ever chocolate loaf cake. It’s soft, fluffy and moist all in one, with a rich chocolate orange taste. And is there anything much better than the chocolate orange combination?!


I found that loaf cakes are SO much easier to bake than the bigger cakes, and the smaller size means less waiting time too! So this is a winner in every way and you’re going to love it!



2. Strawberry & Chai Latte Tart


This has got to be one of my favourite tarts ever (and I am a HUGE fan of making tarts)! This is partly because who would have thought strawberries and chia would be such a great flavour combination?! They actually work in perfect harmony as the strawberries provide a summery sweetness that compliments the rich and warming chai spices.

The filling is so creamy and smooth from the cashews and coconut cream, and sweetened with maple syrup. The base is nutty and crumbly, sweetened with just dates! So not only is this dessert decadently delicious, but it’s fully plant-based and refined-sugar free.

This was actually the first tart I made which involved baking. It’s super simple because only the base needs baking, to get that amazingly deeper flavour of the roasted nuts and oats, creating a better crunch and crumble . It’s a total dream come true! It’s a shame it never lasts too long in my household, so I’d recommend doubling the batch for extras!



3. Baked Chocolate Berry Donuts


These baked vegan chocolate donuts are topped with a delicious black-goji berry glaze. Baked instead of fried for a much healthier option (and much more cakey!), this chocolatey treat never fails to impress!

They're spongey, chocolatey and soft.. and a little too hard to resist not having them all for breakfast!





Thanks so much for reading my recipes + I hope they bring you lots of joy-filled moments in the kitchen! A lover of all things sweet and satisfying, I’m so happy to bring you delicious rainbow-filled recipes using healthy, clean + plant-based ingredients. You can find me on @deliciously.earthy for lots more easy recipes and tips! Richa xx