October 06, 2020 3 min read

When switching to a plant-based diet, knowing how to create well-rounded, nutritious, and protein-rich meals can be challenging — you're not alone! We all struggle with this every once in awhile.

That's why we're SO excited to team up with Claire and Sarah of @healthy_twists to bring you their 3 simple (and of course, SUPER delicious) meals that are rich in protein and filled with all the plant-based goodness you could ever want in your Coconut Bowls bowl! Happy Cooking! 

Hi there we are Claire & Sarah and we run Healthy Twists. We are 2 Mums with a passion for great food, creating healthier recipes and taking many tantalising foodie photos. The @healthy_twists mission is to encourage everyone to enjoy more plant-based meals. We are breakfast obsessives and you will have seen many of our creations shared in gorgeous coconut bowls, boho bowls and every smoothie slurped through a bamboo straw!

Protein is an important component in our bodies, it supports our wellbeing both physically and mentally. It plays an important part in blood sugar regulation, fat metabolism and energy function.

One of the plant-based questions we are often asked is – where are you going to get enough protein from? So, we thought we’d share 3 recipes to help you easily included enough protein into your daily plant-based eating! Enjoy!

1.  Farinata 

Farinata – also known as socca, torta di ceci and Cecina is a delicious vegan omelette style dish made with gram flour. We like to infuse ours with rosemary, it makes for a delicious brunch, lunch or evening meal and can be enjoyed hot or cold making it ideal for lunch boxes.
Chickpea flour is high in protein-containing roughly 20g of protein per 100g gram flour.

2. Crispy Golden Tofu

We love tofu because it is incredibly versatile! Our recipe for crispy golden tofu is made repeatedly! Tofu infuses with flavour very easily, making it a really useful ingredient to add to all sorts of meals, to give them an extra protein boost. Add rice, noodles or eat cold in your packed lunches — it's all delicious!
Tofu has around 8g of protein per 100g.


3. Vegan Chilli Bowl

It doesn’t matter what the season, you will always find us making a large batch of our Vegan Chilli! There is always some in the freezer ready to lift out for an emergency meal when you are just too tired to cook but need a comfortingly nutritious meal.
Enjoy in a bowl on its own, over rice, a sweet potato, in a wrap loaded with avocado and tomatoes or with a bowl of potato wedges. It’s seriously good!
Packed full of Legumes it is high in protein, having around 10g of protein per 100g.

There are so many easy ways to add additional protein to your meals! The simplest is to scatter over chopped nuts and mixed seeds, for example, 3g for 3 whole walnuts, 3g for 6 almonds and 4g for 1 tbsp pumpkin seeds.
Here are our top 10 protein-rich foods to include in your next recipes and dishes!


Pumpkin seeds - 32g per 100g

Peanut butter – 25g per 100g

Hemp seeds – 23g per 100g

Almonds - 22g per 100g

Pistachio nuts - 21g per 100g

Flaxseed - 19g per 100g

Tofu – 17g per 100g

Oats – 16g per 100g

Chia seeds – 15g per 100g

Cashew and walnuts 15g per 100g


For more protein-rich dishes, be sure to check out www.healthy-twists.com and @healthy_twists on Instagram!