November 19, 2020 4 min read

Article/Photos: @livingwellwithsav

Hey, I’m glad you’re here. I am Savannah and I run the @livingwellwithsav page. I have been vegan for 2 years and am always looking for food hacks to help make things easier in the kitchen and in life. When I create recipes I never want them to be too complicated or unachievable- because let’s face it- who has hours on end to cook during the week? When you get home from school or work and you’re tired- you never want to think too hard about what’s for dinner. So, here are my 5 simple and easy food hacks to help inspire you in the kitchen and to help make things that little bit easier.

1. Shop In Season

I absolutely love shopping in season. There are always new fruits and vegetables to try- and who wants to pay large amounts for a punnet of strawberries when they’re out of season? Shopping in season and also at local farmer’s markets can always be fun. You get to pick fresh produce, meet the farmers and sometimes they don’t spray nasties on them (but always just ask before purchasing). This can be a very fun outing every Saturday/Sunday and is always worth it when the produce is so fresh and a lot cheaper. There is also a lot less waste which is a bonus!

2. Meal Prep

Meal Prepping is something that I’ve been diving into recently. It takes a few hours on a Sunday and helps tremendously during the week. Pre- washing and cooking fruits and vegetables is a simple way to save time. During my week, I consume a lot of salads; so, having things like kale/lettuce, chickpeas, and tomatoes already washed saves LOADS of time when looking for something quick- all you have to do it cut it and put it in a bowl. What I love to meal prep for my week is: nut milk, brown rice, cooked/roasted veggies, some sort of stir fry/ dahl, some sort of treat whether it be muffins or a banana bread of some kind, bliss balls and lots of fresh fruit. Also, knowing that you have these things prepared for the week will help ease your stress of not knowing what to take for lunch or what to cook for dinner.

3. Freezing Fruits & Vegetables

Freezing all sorts of fruits and vegetables has been something that I’m trying to introduce to my lifestyle. I am quite inspired by other foodie creators in how they use vegetables and fruits in different ways. When doing produce shopping for the week- let’s face it; by the end of the week some produce can go to waste. It’s something that we don’t mean to do- but it happens. I am quite guilty of it myself and I’m trying to get better at it. So, something that can help with less food waste is- FREEZING IT. Banana’s that start to go soft and mooshy are the perfect base for smoothies. Adding in frozen kale and spinach add extra nutrients to your day. And by freezing vegetables like cauliflower and zucchini (it may sound weird) but they will add more nutrients and a creamy texture to your smoothies. So, next time you have produce leftover from last week’s shopping, don’t throw it out- freeze it!

4. How to Build a Nourish Bowl

Building a nourish bowl is quite simple once you get the hang of it. It’s literally just a big bowl of goodness for your mind and soul- and filling it with yummy and nourishing things is always a must! The way that I love to build mine is always with a bed of leafy greens- like spinach, kale or lettuce. It adds a lovely fresh flavour and it is especially yummy in summer when it’s so hot. Next comes your favourite veggies- I always love to add some fresh and some roasted. I love things like fresh tomatoes, roasted pumpkin, cauliflower, or sweet potato. Next comes the legumes; kidney beans or roasted/fresh chickpeas are my go to. Next, adding some protein- whether it be sautéed tofu, tempeh of your favourite burger. And last but certainly not least- a dressing. A simple mixture of tahini and lemon juice is amazing. But some other dressings such as balsamic glaze, vegan aioli or a simple squeeze of lemon juice is lovely. Building a nourish bowl can be quite easy if you keep it simple and yummy!

5. Have Fun With it


My last food tip- is just have fun with it! The more you try different combinations of food, fruit and vegetables- the more fun you’ll have with it and 9 times out of 10 you’ll find flavour combinations that you never thought you’d like. Get creative in the kitchen- throw all sorts of ingredients into a bowl and bake it and refine it from there. The more fun you have with it, the less stress you put on yourself and a better outcome will come from it.


I hope you all enjoyed this 5 simple and easy food hacks! I hope you have fun in the kitchen creating new recipes! Have a lovely day.