Vegan Bowls App Collaboration

May 03, 2023 2 min read

Vegan Bowls is proud to announce the recent launch of our mobile app, Vegan Bowls, in collaboration with TouchZenMedia. Vegan Bowls is a recipe platform that features hundreds of plant-based recipes, as well as shopping list generation capabilities. The app offers an excellent user experience for our community of over 3 million people on social media, and it allows us to engage with them in a way that other content platforms simply couldn't.

TouchZen Media is a premiere digital innovation agency based in Los Angeles and Orange County. They have been building award-winning mobile applications for startups and enterprise clients since 2014. The team works as an extension of their clients' businesses, providing them with the agility of a startup with the proven know-how of a world-class design agency.

Vegan Bowls hired TouchZen Media to build the mobile app that would be the best way to engage our community. We wanted to create a better user experience for our audience, and the app allowed us to do just that. TouchZen Media had the experience and professionalism we were looking for, and they had previously worked with our peers who gave them a glowing recommendation.

The project went very smoothly from onboarding, to discovery, to wireframes, design, beta testing, and launch. We had weekly or fortnightly catch ups to review progress, while communication was regular through Slack. We used Figma and Balsamiq Cloud mostly. The team we worked with was led by Cyrus, who was our project lead and CEO. We also worked with various developers and designers through feedback via Figma and Balsamiq Cloud.

The app functionality is of premium quality, and the user experience is almost flawless. We are continuing to make updates, but to date, the project has been delivered above expectations. From an engagement perspective, we have had over thousands of downloads, hundreds of paid subscribers, and dozens of 5-star reviews. Regular communication was efficient via Slack, and the fortnightly Zoom catch-up kept things progressing on schedule.

What we found most impressive and unique about TouchZen Media was their premium service. The whole project was delivered as expected, and we fully trusted their ability throughout. We wouldn't hesitate to work with TouchZen again, as they exceeded our already high expectations in terms of communication, development, and adherence to the timeline.