April 23, 2021 2 min read

Original Article: vancouverwithlove.com

So many people are making the switch to a plant-based diet these days, but it can be a bit daunting when you’re afraid you might fall off the wagon! Luckily, these 7 tips will help make the transition to eating vegan a breeze. 

I went vegan in 2012. I remember the day well. I was on my way to visit my sister and standing in a supermarket. As I looked around for a snack to buy for my journey and found only hummus and carrot sticks, I remember panicking and thinking: 'I'm never going to be full again!' If this was all that was on offer, how would I be able to keep this diet up long-term?

Fortunately, seven years on I am glad to say that things have changed. The world has embraced veganism with impressive speed, and more and more options are available each day. It’s no longer a chore but a pleasure to be vegan.

That said, I know how difficult it can be to make the initial switch - from reading labels, to explaining your diet to friends, to craving cheese! So if you're wondering how to go vegan and make it stick, read on for my 7 top tips. If I can do this, so can you!



Meet Elizabeth, the powerhouse behind the mouth-watering account, Vancouver With Love. Having been vegan for the last seven years, Elizabeth strives to show how plant-based living can be beautiful, healthy and simple! 

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