April 06, 2021 1 min read

The #1 question you’ll get asked when you tell someone you are vegan is, “Where do you get your protein from?” Sources of plant protein is not usually common knowledge for someone who does not eat a plant-based/vegan diet. Foods such as lean meats, eggs and dairy products are most likely the sources of protein that first comes to mind when the average person thinks of protein.
It may come as a surprise that there is a variety of plant-based foods that contain protein and that it is easy to consume an adequate amount of protein when vegan! First, let’s establish how much protein our bodies require. 

**For serious concerns about your nutrition intake be sure to consult with a nutrition professional. 
Egan. B. (2016). Protein intake for athletes and active adults: Current concepts and controversies. Nutrition Bulletin, 41(3), 202-213. 
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