October 19, 2020 1 min read


Our favorite breakfast. Would you believe if I told you this is our breakfast every work day, from Monday till Friday! I tell you, once you master your overnight oats you will as well eat it every day. They are done in 5 minutes – 2 portions in my case. And BAM, you have your perfect breakfast


30 g Oats

1 tbsp plant-based yoghurt

50 ml Coconut Milk or any other

½ Banana mashed

10 g Walnuts

1 tsp Flex Seeds grounded

20 g Protein Powder any flavor you wish

Seasonal Fruits for Topping



1.In a bowl, smash the banana and add oats

2.Mix in yoghurt and milk (add more milk if you think you need more liquids)

3.Add protein powder, flex seeds and walnuts. Mix it all well

4.On top add fruit of your choice, but don’t overdo it. Let it rest for a few hours. Perfectly overnight in the fridge

Sonja & Basti are plant-based food enthusiasts, passionate about bringing real food, to real people, living real lives — all while having lots of fun in the process.

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