February 03, 2021 1 min read



Just when you thought the chocolate orange combination can’t get any better. But it does… with a crunchy oreo base and a decadently smooth coconut + zesty orange filling, this tart pulls out all the stops!

Oh, and it’s a no-bake, nut-allergy friendly and no-roll delight. It’s a sure way to impress your other half, and to treat yourself too this Valentine’s!


For the base:

  • 1 pack oreos
  • 1 tbs vegan butter
  • 3 tsp cacao powder

For the filling:

  • 1 cup full fat coconut milk
  • 1 cup orange juice
  • 1/2 cup maple syrup
  • 1 tbs cornflour
  • 2.5 tsp agar
  • zest from 1 orange
  • 3/4 tsp turmeric

To make the base

  1. Whizz the base ingredients up in a blender until combined
  2. Press the mixture into a 20 cm tart casing until compact and set in the freezer while you make the filling

To make the filling

  1. Place the turmeric, orange zest and coconut milk in a stove and brew for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally until flavours have infused
  2. Mix together all the other ingredients in a separate bowl, and then slowly add to the zesty coconut milk on low heat
  3. As the mixture starts to boil and thicken, keep stirring to avoid lumps. It will only need around 3 minutes
  4. Transfer to a clean bowl and leave the mixture to cool to room temperature
  5. Once cool, pour the mixture over the base and leave to set in the fridge
  6. Decorate!


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